Best Formal Shoes Brands In India

Shoes are more than just a tool now a days. It may be hard to believe, but not too long ago, there was a time when shoes were just used as a tool to protect your feet. Those days however, are gone. Now they are a fashion statement, a trend and a caption that defines your image, whether you like it or not.

Indian companies were late onto the party, when it comes to fashionable footwear. Even companies that had branched out to India took there sweet time to build a market here and as such the Indian shoes company name list is something that is quite new. But what are the names that make that list, you might wonder. So, here are the best formal shoe brands India making formal shoes in the country.


If you are an Indian, Bata is a household name and if you don’t know about Bata, being an Indian, you are either extremely poor or extremely rich to even care about a company like Bata. Most Indians would have worn a Bata at one point in their life, that’s how popular the brand is. Search Indian shoes company name list and I will eat my hat if this does not pop out on the top.

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Hush Puppies

If you have anything even remotely to do with the world of fashion, then it is hard to miss the name of Hush Puppies, a New York based shoes company that is known for its formal and casual shoes. It is among the most popular companies that sell shoes in the country and the footwear are sold in the hundreds of thousands every year and none of them cheap.

Louis Philippe

One of the oldest footwear brands in the world, Louis Philippe is also one of the most respected companies in the world. Whether it is a formal evening wear or a formal ball, Louis Philippe has something for you for every formal occasion. It has become one of the premium brands to taste success in the country and continues to do so.


A home-grown brand, Metro has come as a surprise even to its own creators. What started out as a humble shoe store in the streets of Mumbai in the year 1947, it has grown into a mammoth in the country with more than 150 stores across the country. An Indian shoes company name list cannot be complete without Metro in it.

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